Passive Voice Without Agent

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Passive Voice Without Agent :

  1. The watch was stolen. (passive voice)

    Here the doer is not known. Hence we take SOMEONE as the doer.

    The Active form of the sentence is : Someone stole the watch.

  2. The thief was arrested. (passive voice)

    Here we know that Policeman made the arrest. Hence we take POLICEMAN as the doer.

    The Active form of the sentence is: Policeman arrested the thief.

  3. The Chief Minister is expected to come tomorrow. (passive voice)

    Here we know that people expect him. Hence the Answer is :

    People expect the Chief Minister to come tomorrow. (active voice)

  4. My purse has been stolen. (passive voice)

    Someone has stolen my purse.(active voice)

  5. Our army had been defeated.(passive voice)

    The enemy has defeated our army.(active voice)

  6. Letters are delivered twice a day.(passive voice)

    The postman delivers letters twice a day. (active voice)

  7. The rules should be obeyed.(passive voice)

    We should obey the rules. (active voice)

  8. He was dismissed from service.(passive voice)

    The manager dismissed him from service.(active voice)

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