Passive Voice of Simple Present Tense

Passive Voice of Simple Present Tense :

I read a novel. - (Active Voice)
A novel is read by me. - (Passive Voice)

I manufacture Tyre. - (Active Voice)
Tyre is manufactured by me. - (Passive Voice)

We make cakes. - (Active Voice)
Cakes are made by us. - (Passive Voice)

We eat apples. - (Active Voice)
Apples are eaten by us. - (Passive Voice)

You listen to music. - (Active Voice)
Music is listened to by you. - (Passive Voice)

You cook Pizza. - (Active Voice)
Pizza is cooked by you. - (Passive Voice)

She sings a song. - (Active Voice)
A Song is sung by her. - (Passive Voice)

She writes a letter. - (Active Voice)
A letter is written by her. - (Passive Voice)

They prepare dinner. - (Active Voice)
Dinner is prepared by them. - (Passive Voice)

They drive a car. - (Active Voice)
A car is driven by them. - (Passive Voice)

He buys oranges. - (Active Voice)
Oranges are bought by him. - (Passive Voice)

He types an essay. - (Active Voice)
An essay is written by him. - (Passive Voice)

It creates problems for us. - (Active Voice)
Problems are created by it for us. - (Passive Voice)

It walks the distance. - (Active Voice)
The distance is walked by it. - (Passive Voice)

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