Peacock on Cardboard


Vegetable Dyes

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Peacock on Cardboard

On a cardboard draw the picture of a peacock without drawing the picture of its feathers.

Now put bright colours on your palm and press them all round the rear of the peacock. Now card board will look like a beautiful peacock.

Vegetable Dyes

You can make dyes to give colour to cotton clothes from vegetables.

For example, you can get red dye from beet root.

Brown dyes from coffee and green dyes from spinach.

Cut a piece of beet root, chop it into pieces and cover it in a handkerchief.

In pan of water, add some salt and then soak the covered beet root into it.

Heat the pan. You will find the water becoming red in colour. This Liquid can be used as a red dye.
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