Penguin Race & Pigments in Plants

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Penguin Race

Cut out two Penguins from a card. Punch holes on top of the card. Pass a thread through the holes and tie one end of each on a chair at the other end of the room.

Hold the other end in your hands. By jerking the thread, you can move the penguins to the chair from your end.

You can play this as a game with your friends. Give one of the threads to your friend and compete with him.

Pigments in Plants

There are many pigments in plants. Take the leaves of a plant that bears red coloured flowers.

Grind the leaves with a bit of water.

You will get a green coloured liquid. Then cut a blotting paper in a round shape.

Keep it on a plate and drop one of the green liquid on it. You will see the different colours separating and spreading to the outer side of the paper.
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