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Photographing a Large Area

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Photographing a Large Area

Many a times you may have gone on a holiday and you must have felt like taking a photograph of the whole landscape. However, you could not do so because the whole landscape could not fit into the little camera you had. Next time you go on a holiday you can take the photographs of whole landscape. You can photograph the landscape in series and join it up to make a photomontage. You can easily do this by looking through the viewfinder in your camera at the extreme left of the view. Note the end of the view you see at the extreme right and take the photograph. In the next photograph take the picture of the remaining view. This photograph should be continued exactly from the point you saw on the extreme right in the previous photograph. Likewise keep your camera moving horizontally to the right and keep on taking the photographs until you have taken the photographs of the whole landscape. After taking out the prints join them by matching the landmarks. So now, the photographs of the whole landscape can be taken.

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