Phrasal Prepositions

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Phrasal Prepositions :

Prepositions are words that show a relationship between a noun or a pronoun and another in the sentence.

Examples :
  1. According to

  2. By means of

  3. In accordance with

  4. In place of

  5. Instead of

  6. Because of

  7. In addition to

  8. In spite of

  9. In favour of

  10. In front of

  11. In the event of

  12. In case of

  13. Along with

  14. Owing to

  15. In search of

  16. In course of

  17. With the help of

  18. With reference to

  19. In order to

  20. In respect of

  21. With regard to

  22. For the sake off

  23. At the top of

  24. At the end of

  25. By the side of

  26. On account of

  27. In want of

  28. In need of

  29. In the habit of

  30. In the direction of

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