Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal Verbs are that consist of two or three parts – an ordinary verb and another word or words like IN, FOR or OFF. They are very common in English.

Here are some examples.

  1. Don’t go there, please hold off.

  2. Don’t rely on my help.

  3. He broke down in the middle of his speech.

  4. He got away with a mild warning.

  5. He hit on a brilliant idea.

  6. He is willing to take on the captaincy.

  7. He looks after his mother.

  8. He looks after the child.

  9. He looks up the word in the dictionary.

  10. He looks up the word in the dictionary.

  11. He provided to help me but he asked for time.

  12. He reeled off lines after lines.

  13. He think over drinking.

  14. He threw out the old newspapers.

  15. He turned down her request.

  16. He turned down the offer of captaincy.

  17. He was late because his car broke down.

  18. He went for the ball.

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