Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal Verbs are that consist of two or three parts – an ordinary verb and another word or words like IN, FOR or OFF. They are very common in English.

Here are some examples.

  1. The police tied him up with chains.

  2. The song died away and I felt very dissatisfied.

  3. The spring set in and all the trees are full of flowers.

  4. They left off the work and went away.

  5. They put off the match.

  6. They turned own my offer.

  7. We are watching for a good stenographer.

  8. We have to give up financial assistance.

  9. We must keep up with other nations in the promotion of education.

  10. We must try to keep down terrorism in India.

  11. We must work out unemployment completely.

  12. We were held up by heavy traffic yesterday.

  13. We will have to put off the meeting.

  14. Woman was relived of jewels.

  15. You hold on in the club to get a licence.

  16. You must have account for what you spend.

  17. You must move out of the town.

  18. Young cricketers look up to Sachin.

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