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Phrasal Verbs are that consist of two or three parts – an ordinary verb and another word or words like IN, FOR or OFF. They are very common in English.

Here are some examples.

  1. Account for

  2. Ask after

  3. Asked for

  4. Back out

  5. Care about

  6. Deal with

  7. Died away

  8. Drew back

  9. Feel out

  10. Fixed up

  11. Gave away

  12. Get out

  13. Get out of

  14. Got on with

  15. Help up

  16. Hold off

  17. Hold on

  18. Join up

  19. Keep away

  20. Keep up with

  21. Kept in

  22. Left off

  23. Locked up

  24. Looked after

  25. Made up

  26. Make up

  27. My mind

  28. Ran after

  29. Set in

  30. Threw away

  31. Took on

  32. Took out

  33. Watching for

  34. Work out

  35. Worked up

  1. You must have account for what you spend. (= Give good reason for)

  2. My friend did not back me up in my difficulty. (= Support morally)

  3. She does not know how to deal with her husband.(= Tackle a person)

  4. He fell out with his wife. (= quarreled)

  5. We fixed up the date of our sister’s marriage. (= arranged)

  6. I asked him to get out of the room. (= leave)

  7. The boy was kept in for his rudeness. (= punished)

  8. I kept on writing to letters to Madhavi. (= continued)

  9. We must make up for the loss. (= compensate for)

  10. The police ran after the prisoner. (= pursue)

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