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Fill in the blanks choosing the right phrase prepositions from the list given in brackets.

(in line with, in favour of, according to, on the part of, at the risk of, owing to, in place of, in memory of, by means of, instead of)

  1. The hospital building was constructed __________ the latest trends in society.

  2. __________ Aristotle man is a social animal.

  3. I received a lot of co-operation in life __________ my mother.

  4. He saved the girl __________ his life.

  5. The film director is always __________ creative artist.

  6. Mr. Murthy was appointed to the post __________ the former chairman Mr. Jain.

  7. He applied for leave __________ fever.

  8. We were paid a large sum of money __________ our services to the company.

  9. We must live with noble ideas __________ great people.

  10. The security arrangements were frightened in Delhi __________ violent incidents in several places.

  11. India was exploited completely __________ the British Rule.

  12. It was __________ my illness that I could not attend the meeting.


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