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Here is the list of New Words related to Plants and Animals.

accipiters : noun : an order of fowls with hooked bills

agrimation : noun : Agricultural automation: automated farming that uses robots and other high-tech devices.

assisted migration : noun : The deliberate relocation of a species to a more suitable climate, particularly when the existing location has become unsuitable due to climate change.

biopiracy : noun : The patenting of plants, genes, and other biological products that are indigenous to a foreign country.

butternut : noun : an American tree with an oblong nut, also the nut

cereologist : noun : A person who studies crop circles.

cervine : adjective: pertaining to the deer

conchology : noun : the science of shellfish

conscientious neglect : noun : Gardening in a conscientious manner by using hardy, native plants that don't require chemicals or other environmentally destructive care.

cordiform :adjective : in form of a heart

crazy tobacco : noun : Tobacco that has been enhanced genetically to provide more nicotine than regular tobacco.

dendroid : adjective : resembling a shrub

extreme gardening : noun : Gardening that takes places in hostile or difficult conditions.

frozen zoo : noun : A collection of cryogenically frozen tissue samples from rare plants and animals.

green skeleton : noun : The parkland, gardens, playing fields, and recreation areas that course through a city or region.

guerrilla gardening : noun : The surreptitious or unauthorized planting of flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and other flora in a public space.

heirloom seed : noun : A type of seed that has been passed down through a number of generations; a type of seed that is traded between individual gardeners rather than through a seed catalog.

hickory : noun : a tree, a species of walnut

myco-diesel : noun : Diesel fuel manufactured from a fungus.

opossum : noun : a quadruped which carries her young in a bag under her belly

parking lot effect : noun : Lighting, particularly in a garden or landscape, that is bright, harsh, and evenly distributed, much as it would be in a typical parking lot.

patch burning : noun : The purposeful and controlled burning of a section of an ecosystem.

perennial shower : noun : A bridal shower where the guests bring perennial plants as gifts.

phantom spring : noun : Exceptionally warm fall or winter weather that causes plants or animals to act as though spring has arrived.

porcine : adjective : pertaining to swine

potscaping : verb : Artfully arranging shrubs and flowers planted in pots and other containers.

pumpkineer : noun : A person who grows giant pumpkins, particularly ones meant to be entered in pumpkin-weighing contests. (pumpkin + engineer)

scarious : adjective : dry and rough to the touch

seed pirate : noun : A farmer who replants a seed taken from a patented crop.

shorticulture day : noun : A day in which the time that a plant is exposed to light has been shortened artificially.

shovel prune : verb : To dig up a garden plant and discard it.

shrub rustling : noun : The theft of shrubs, flowers, trees, and other flora.

skunk : noun : a quadruped remarkable for its smell

SPIN : adjective : Relating to the dense cultivation of vegetables and other crops on small plots, particularly in urban settings. [From the phrase Small Plot INtensive.]

superweed : noun : A wild plant that has been accidentally pollinated by a genetically-modified plant and now contains that plant's abilities to resist herbicides and kill insects.

terminator seed : noun : A sterile seed produced by a genetically modified plant to prevent farmers from reusing the seed for future crops.

transgenic : adjective : Describes an animal or plant that has been genetically altered.

trophy tree : noun : A large, fully mature, tree; such a tree that has been uprooted and planted in a yard or estate.

urban forest : noun : The collection of trees found within a city's limits.

wildcrafting : noun : The harvesting of wild plants, particularly for use as food or in herbal medicines.

winterkill : verb: to kill by means of winter, as grain

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