Poem about Faith : Faith and Its Role

Poem about Faith : Faith and Its Role :

There are two kinds of faith people live with:

Faith in lordship and faith in fellowship;

The first is that someone will do for you

And the second is others won't fail you.

With faith in the shepherd, the sheep follow.

With faith in the fellow sheep, the sheep feed.

Without faith in system, you can't follow.

Without faith in others, you can't transact.

Faith in God, faith in fate and faith in luck

Would weaken the faith you have in yourself.

Faith in love, faith in trade and faith in helps

Would slacken the cognizance you possess.

Faith can't be dispensed with altogether.

Faith in the unknown has no guarantee.

Faith in the known has no certainty

But can strengthen their faithfulness to you.

Faith in parents and faith in teachers,

Faith in doctors and faith in medicine

And faith in judges and in justice

Denounced altogether, one cannot exist.

Faith in spouses and faith in children,

Faith in siblings and faith in servants

And faith in professional ethics

Abandoned altogether, one cannot thrive.

Without faith, promises bear no meanings.

Without faith, guarantees have no bearings.

Without faith, investments will have no life.

Only with faith could life be felt secure.

Faith might crack when it is misplaced.

Faith might break when it's sabotaged.

Faith might crash when it's blindfolded.

Yet, one has to vouch for faith in life.

Faith comes from ignorance of things.

Faith comes from lack of influence.

Faith comes in helpless conditions.

Faith exercises no control yet.

Have faith in you and accept the outcome.

Have faith in others and give allowance.

Have faith in future and shelve the distress.

Faith vacated, worries will occupy.

By RM.Shanmugam Chettiar

Poem about Faith : Faith and Its Role

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