Poem about
World : Your World and My World

Poem about World : Your World and My World :

My world,

your world,

both worlds with different kind.

Your world,

My world,

These worlds which souls could find.

Your world so beautiful,

my world so lonely.

Your world so magnificent,

It even smells like heaven scent.

My world so gloomy,

Please don't come,

It wouldn't make you happy.

My world so lame,

please let's not play this game.

I dream of your place,

that place with a wonderful face.

I want to go to you,

Oh please, rescue my heart so blue.

My darling dear,

if you only knew how i feel.

Please capture my surroundings,

Remove me from this prison of steel.

Rage of saga,

minions of my mama.

Feelings of a dreamer,

hoping to be a winner.

Oh souls of all souls,

save me from this hollow.

Hollows of all sorrows,

sorrows of tomorrow.

Tomorrow may be wonderful,

but it could still be sorrowful.

Sorrowful may turn to joyful,

and joyful may go back to wonderful.

But this major disaster,

disaster that ruined my laughter.

Hope my laughter would recreate my old life,

So that i may be a good person or even a good wife.


Poem about World : Your World and My World