Power, Practice and Praise : Proverbs

Key-Words Based Proverbs

Power :

  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Power goes before talent.

  • Power weakens the wicked.

  • When power puts in its plea the laws are silent.

  • Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

  • Power pollutes whatever it touches.

  • Wherever a poor man is, there is his destiny.

  • Practice :

  • Practice makes man perfect.

  • Practice yourself what you preach.

  • Praise :

  • Praise none too much, for all are fickle.

  • Too much praise is a burden.

  • Praise is always pleasant.

  • Praise makes good men better and bad men worse.

  • True praise roots and spreads.

  • Praise fills not the belly.

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