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Precis Writing :

A précis is a summary. Précis writing is a very useful exercise. Most of us read carelessly. Précis-writing gives training in careful reading. Précis–writing is regarded as a very important kind of composition because it develops one’s capacity to discriminate between the essential and the inessential.

Write a précis of the following passage.

If we want to buy a silk saree or a scarf we must ask. ‘Is it pure or artificial silk?’ And if we need coloured materials of one make or another we have to find out if the colours are fast. If some art lover is interested in buying a painting he has to study it carefully to make sure that it is the original and not a copy. So too with most other things in our world. The gold ring you buy may be made of imitation gold even though it shines almost as well as a genuine old article; the silk you wear may be absolutely impure and the colours of your scarf may not last a week. Not every article we buy today is either genuine or pure, original or durable. We must choose with care to get out money’s worth.

Answer :

Rough Draft :

1. If we want to buy a silk saree, we must ask if it is pure,

2. If we choose a coloured material, we must know if it is fast.

3. If we want to buy a painting, we must know if it is original.

4. If we buy a gold ring, we must make sure if it is pure gold.

5. We must choose with care to get our money’s worth.

Always Get Your Money’s Worth

Fair Draft :

Everything we buy may be original or duplicate and pure or impure. When we buy anything, we must make sure that it is original and genuine. We must always try to get our money’s worth.
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