Prefixes and Suffixes

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Form new words with the given PREFIXES and SUFFIXES using the given ROOT WORDS.

  1. Prefixes and Suffixes : some, anti, able, sub, ment, mate, inter, ate

    Root words : Passion, national, whole, aircraft, classmate, avoid

  2. Prefixes and Suffixes : out, est, para, non, wise, ly, pre, able

    Root words : fashion, break, eminent, other, popular, great

  3. Prefixes and Suffixes : logy, sub, ment, dis, ly, ion, micro, al, est, er

    Root words : nation, stop, play, local, believe, young

  4. Prefixes and Suffixes : er, non, inter, extra, para, logy, ly, anti

    Root words : ordinary, techno, violence, cricket, military, certain

  5. Prefixes and Suffixes : ty, ed, able, end, ly, ion, un, dis

    Root words : ferocious, frighten, remark, week, different, promote


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