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Form new words with the given PREFIXES and SUFFIXES using the given ROOT WORDS.

  1. Prefixes and Suffixes : un, de, em, ness, ious, al, dis, mid, sub, ly, ing, er, ity, ate

    Root words :

    powered - empowered

    avoidable - unavoidable

    promote - depromote

    chief - mischief

    challenge -challenging

    brave - bravely

  2. Prefixes and Suffixes : inter, un, er, ity, dis, ters, able, ment

    Root words :

    national -international

    stop - stopper

    play - player

    local - locality

    believe - disbelieve

    young - youngsters

  3. Prefixes and Suffixes : ly, self, made, body, a, ful, ion, ed

    Root words :

    hoarse - hoarsely

    air - self air

    ready - readymade

    every - every body

    sleep - asleep

    wrongful - wrongful

  4. Prefixes and Suffixes : ly, im, less, same, ity, ion, un, dis, er

    Root words :

    immediate - immediately

    moral - immoral

    rest - restless

    trouble - same trouble

    tranquil - tranquillity

    reflect - reflection

  5. Prefixes and Suffixes : er, un, self, ence, less, ive, ty, ion

    Root words :

    commission - commissioner

    center - centerless

    detect - detective

    difficult - difficulty

    circulate - circulation

    divide - undivided

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