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Form new words with the given PREFIXES and SUFFIXES using the given ROOT WORDS.

  1. Prefixes and Suffixes : un, de, em, ness, ious, al, dis, mis, sub, ly, ing, er, ity, ate

    Root words : passion, urban, prestige, tradition, close, local

  2. Prefixes and Suffixes : ness, hand, er, ance, thing, un, mono, ment

    Root words : foolish, kerchief, same, earthing, polished, excite

  3. Prefixes and Suffixes : ly, al, ment, er, ion, dom, wans, un

    Root words : usual, condition, involve, cool, high, fair

  4. Prefixes and Suffixes : sub, ance, al, ion, ful, est, dis, pre

    Root words : urban, avoid, education, inspect, respect, liked

  5. Prefixes and Suffixes : im, ty, less, es, ment, un, ly, ion

    Root words : perfect, penal, pay, interesting, sudden, express

  6. Prefixes and Suffixes : ly, ance, able, mis, ness, er, un, ment

    Root words : piteous, remember, memory, teach, interesting, require

  7. Prefixes and Suffixes : ful, im, ance, dom, cy, ion, ment, un

    Root words : power, free, efficient, instruct, punish, interest

  8. Prefixes and Suffixes : ly, mis, able, ment, al, ion, dis, ir

    Root words : awful, move, mechanic, calculate, appoint, regular


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