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We have presented few sentences with Preposition

Examples :

  • He told me about your problem.

  • He expressed about his condition in details.

  • They have written a letter about this issue to their Chairman.

  • About 250 ladies were killed in explosion.

  • About one million species of Fishes were destroyed in this oil-spill.

  • This book is about prepositions.

  • He often talks about his job.

  • We want to buy a house, but we will see about that later.

  • She knows something about airplanes.

  • They were very kind about our late arrival.

  • They asked me about my trip.

  • We are excited about our vacation.

  • We have about ten dollars each.

  • There is something about her that I like.

  • There is something adorable about her.

  • There is nothing nice about that.

  • How did that situation come about?

  • When did you find out about the accident?

  • You should write about this incident in your newspaper.

  • They roamed about this area last night.

    Grammar Index : 2

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