Preposition AFTER

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We have presented few sentences with Preposition AFTER.

Examples :

  • She came after a week.

  • O comes after N in the alphabetical order.

  • He comes after her father.

  • They come after lunch hour.

  • After all you are only a peon.

  • Let them come here after my father leaves this office.

  • You have to be here after 1 pm.

  • After that, he never turned.

  • It is after all only money-related issue.

  • The Ship sailed to London after the war.

  • The aeroplane bombarded the area after the area was vacated of all people.

  • What we do will give us profit after two years.

  • He has to go after his mother.

  • Go after wisdom.

  • Do not go after money.

  • Do not go after call-girls.

  • The after-effects of his move will be felt only in 2012.

  • You have to stand after your son in the queue.

  • I know that you are not after fame.

  • This advertisement was issued after the product was launched.

    Grammar Index : 2

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