Preposition ALONG

Grammar Index : 2

We have presented few sentences with Preposition ALONG.

Examples :

  • You go along South Street and take left.

  • There is a line of trees along the bank of the lake.

  • He goes along the lane.

  • Please go along this line and be there for a while.

  • I could go along with my wife.

  • He finds it difficult to go along with his daughters.

  • We walked along the water's edge at the beach last night.

  • He used to sing along with me.

  • They have been enemies all along.

  • She and her old roommate didn't get along.

  • I hope she gets along with her new roommate.

  • How to go along with Indians?

  • Americans are hard to get along with.

  • They enjoy walking along the beach.

  • They get along with each other very well.

  • There's a beautiful building along the river.

  • The shops along the street are owned by the Government.

  • The trees along the bank of this lake are newly planted ones.

  • They fail to get along with the business people.

  • Please go along with your wife.

    Grammar Index : 2

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