Preposition AROUND

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We have presented few sentences with Preposition AROUND.

Examples :

  • The earth goes around the SUN.

  • They longed around the tree.

  • If you go around your father, you will succeed in your life.

  • We walked around the block.

  • The earth spins around on its axis as it travels around the SUN.

  • You are going east; to go west, you have to turn around.

  • Turn your chair around and talk to me.

  • The teacher drew a circle around each mistake.

  • The rancher put a rope around the cow's neck.

  • There is crime all around this city.

  • People were screaming all around me.

  • The bank is around the corner.

  • We have around twenty dollars in our pockets.

  • I'll see you at around three o'clock.

  • Their farm is just around the bend.

  • Go around back to pick up your merchandise.

  • I am so busy. I think I am going around the bend.

  • The new teacher looked around the room.

  • Those teenagers just hang around the mall with nothing to do.

  • He seems to know everybody; he really gets around.

  • One day I will get around to cleaning out my files.

  • She is running around with a new group of friends.

  • She hangs around with a boy who lives up the street.

  • He showed me around the campus when I first arrived.

    Grammar Index : 2

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