Preposition AT

Grammar Index : 2

We have presented few sentences with Preposition AT.

Examples :

  • The plane landed at the airport.

  • He is at home.

  • The women are at the supermarket.

  • She lives at 3757 North 52nd Street, apartment 10.

  • He was waiting in the room at the door.

  • He likes to sit in her apartment at the window facing the park.

  • The children are at school.

  • We aren't allowed to watch television when we are at dinner.

  • They are at the movies.

  • She is at a meeting.

  • The teacher smiled at the new girl.

  • The small boy threw a rock at the window.

  • The young man made a pass at the beautiful woman he met at the party.

  • We are leaving at four thirty.

  • They went home at midnight.

  • We always eat lunch at noon.

  • At first we thought this hike would be easy.

  • I always read or study at night.

  • We must pack up and leave at once.

  • At present they are sleeping.

  • After that long drive, we are home at last.

  • You shouldn't work so hard at your age.

  • He was still singing at (the age of) eighty.

  • We can't see very well at this distance.

  • The plane was flying at three thousand feet.

    Grammar Index : 2

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