Preposition BEHIND

Grammar Index : 2

We have presented few sentences with Preposition BEHIND.

Examples :

  • The teacher was standing behind me.

  • India is behind A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

  • The trash can is behind the chair.

  • My friend sits behind me in class.

  • The train is behind schedule.

  • She is always behind in her rent payments.

  • The successful man had an ambitious woman behind him.

  • Those candidates have a lot of money behind them.

  • There must be a greedy person behind this scheme.

  • He had a lot of help behind the scenes.

  • He is really behind the times.

  • They always come behind the car.

  • Do not run behind the bike.

  • Miss Thompson's class is behind the other classes.

  • She is always behind me during all hard-times.

  • You have to go behind him.

  • What stands behind you is what I mean.

  • You are not behind this crime.

  • Do get angry. No one is behind you.

  • Do not be behind the schedule.

    Grammar Index : 2

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