Preposition BUT

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We have presented few sentences with Preposition BUT.

Examples :

  • None but Ram is present.

  • This is done but for the help of Sam.

  • I wanted to buy the car, but I couldn't afford it.

  • Nobody but you can explain it.

  • All the boys but Jake passed the test.

  • Tell everyone but Sally what happened.

  • All but you have passed the test.

  • He has to come to London. But his wife hesitates to come with him.

  • John was not there, but his brother was.

  • He is intelligent, but not hard-working.

  • I cannot but admire your courage.

  • We can but wait.

  • He is but a boy.

  • They are all wrong but me.

  • Who but he would do this?

  • We should have enjoyed the picnic but for the rain.

  • She would have visited Taj Mahal but for the heavy rain.

  • They have to come. But visa were denied to them.

  • You are not the culprit. But your involvement is regretted.

  • We but Raja will come.

    Grammar Index : 2

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