Preposition BY

Grammar Index : 2

We have presented few sentences with Preposition BY.

Examples :

  • The meeting should have finished by 5.30pm.

  • He ought to get back by tomorrow.

  • The work was done by a carpenter.

  • The mark was made by a hammer.

  • The damage was caused by the storm.

  • She made a little money by begging.

  • We sent the letter by air mail.

  • They went to the mountains by Route 66.

  • He makes his decisions by the rules.

  • She charges by the hour.

  • We buy eggs by the dozen.

  • You must be here by six A.M. sharp.

  • They should have arrived by now.

  • His desk is by mine.

  • I hope you will stay by me.

  • We multiplied four by three.

  • They divided ten by two.

  • That room measures ten feet by twelve feet.

  • We won the game by a mile.

  • The children are at home by themselves.

  • The girl made the cake all by herself.

  • She is generous by nature.

  • He is nervous by disposition.

  • We went by your house last night.

    Grammar Index : 2

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