Preposition FROM

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We have presented few sentences with Preposition FROM.

Examples :

  • They bring water from the nearby village.

  • She is on leave from 15th January.

  • From the way he walks, I think his ankle is sprained.

  • From his accent, I believe he is from Boston.

  • Try to keep him from shaking.

  • They hope to stop her from running away.

  • Try to keep from shaking.

  • We can't hide from them any longer.

  • She suffers from neglect.

  • They knew the songs from memory.

  • He learned his lesson from hard work.

  • They are exhausted from working so hard.

  • I can see the bridge from my window.

  • Let's try to see the problem from his point of view.

  • Can you hear the actors from the back of the auditorium?

  • This suit was made from three different fabrics.

  • A new plant has been developed from those seeds.

  • You will earn from ten to fifteen dollars an hour.

  • We expect from twenty-five to thirty people.

  • He lives five miles from here.

  • They are only twenty minutes (away) from the city.

  • I will see you two weeks from today.

  • We ran away from the building.

  • Keep away from the crowd.

    Grammar Index : 2

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