Preposition INSIDE

Grammar Index : 2

We have presented few sentences with Preposition INSIDE.

Examples :

  • The rumours are coming from the inside the company.

  • They can usually give an answer inside half an hour.

  • You will not be allowed to go inside the campus without permission.

  • There are some little toy animals inside the box.

  • She put the money inside the envelope.

  • It started to rain, so we went inside.

  • My uncle was putting a fish inside the tank.

  • There are six horses living inside the barn.

  • Something is living inside this cave, but he's not sure what it is.

  • There’s mail inside the mailbox.

  • Go inside.

  • How does what we do inside this house go out?

  • She is inside.

  • Please ask them to wait inside the house.

  • The pen is inside the box.

  • There's a lot of junk inside my desk.

  • The medicine is inside the syringe.

  • She doesn't want to work inside the office today because it's so nice outside.

  • Most of the meetings at her company are held inside this conference room.

  • The fire inside this stove is really hot.

    Grammar Index : 2

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