Preposition OF

Grammar Index : 2

We have presented few sentences with Preposition OF.

Examples :

  • John is a teacher of English.

  • One of the students has committed suicide.

  • It was a tale of war and bravery.

  • Has anyone of you a valid offer of HP?

  • Hundreds of people on bikes appeared at the event.

  • There's a box of cereal on the kitchen table.

  • Here's a gallon of milk.

  • I'm going to have a can of soup for lunch.

  • He's tired of doing paperwork.

  • He's sick of his computer.

  • This is an interesting work of art.

  • They're very fond of each other.

  • This block has been treated and safety baited where needed as of 4-25-08.

  • The word "of" is often used with packages of food and drinks.

  • Of the new comers, you are the best.

  • One of the teachers has come to this studio for interview.

  • One of my friends seems to have joined this company.

  • Capital of India is New Delhi.

  • The prices of cereals have gone up.

  • We are aware of the problems.

    Grammar Index : 2

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