Preposition OFF

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We have presented few sentences with Preposition

Examples :

  • He fell off the ladder.

  • Deepawali is only three weeks off.

  • This tire is not on the truck. It's off.

  • His jacket is off.

  • He's taking off his hat.

  • The lights are off.

  • She's talking right now, but soon she'll be off the phone.

  • This airplane is off the ground.

  • His shoes are off his feet.

  • The car ran off the road.

  • We got off the train in New Orleans.

  • She cut off her beautiful long hair.

  • Our street is off Main Street.

  • The children are off school today.

  • I'm glad your cousin finally went off drugs.

  • We got lost, and were off course for about three hours.

  • They got off course while doing the research, and wasted a lot of time.

  • Please keep the dog off the grass.

  • I'm sorry, but your ideas are really off the wall.

  • She is a lot better off than she was before.

  • She kept dropping off during the meeting.

  • She's trying to get the mud off her shoes.

    Grammar Index : 2

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