Preposition ON

Grammar Index : 2

We have presented few sentences with Preposition ON.

Examples :

  • I stayed on Maui. He has a laptop computer on his desk.

  • His feet are also on his desk.

  • My friend Pedro lives in an apartment on this street.

  • She has a ring on her finger.

  • He has a hat on his head.

  • He also has some sunglasses on his face.

  • He's not going to be on time.

  • She's riding on a skateboard.

  • He's riding on his father's shoulders.

  • The news is on TV.

  • She's reporting about a house that is on fire.

  • These children are running on the beach.

  • He spilled ketchup on his tie.

  • There will be stain on his shirt and on his tie if he doesn't clean them.

  • The cat is on the wall.

  • They live on this street.

  • Keep the radio on for some more time.

  • When the computer is on, it gives out some noise.

  • Switch on the computer first.

  • He left a plate on the kitchen table.

  • There is temple here on the main road.

    Grammar Index : 2

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