Preposition OVER

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We have presented few sentences with Preposition

Examples :

  • The cow jumped over the moon. A rainbow appeared over the horizon when the sun came out.

  • The fire-fighter ran over to the burning house to save the people inside.

  • I love the sound of water running over rocks in a stream.

  • She put sunblock all over her boyfriend's back.

  • The smoke over the house indicates that someone is inside.

  • Their dream is to sail all over the world.

  • Have you ever cooked over a campfire?

  • The plane flew over our building.

  • The pictures were hanging over the sofa.

  • She hung the pictures over the sofa.

  • The price of that vacation is (way) over our budget.

  • The water at this end of the pool is over your head.

  • He was driving at over eighty miles an hour.

  • I have gained over five pounds this month.

  • The young player batted the ball over the fence.

  • We had fun throwing rocks over the creek.

  • The child wore a warm jacket over her dress.

  • The lady sewed patches over the holes.

  • They have no control over their actions.

  • He likes to have power over his associates.

  • They have travelled all over the world.

  • She looked all over the city for her friend.

  • They argued over politics all night.

  • I wish you wouldn't fight over money.

  • Please take this letter over to your neighbour.

  • A bridge is over the river.

  • The lamp is hanging over the door.

    Grammar Index : 2

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