Preposition UNDER

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We have presented few sentences with Preposition

Examples :

  • I found the letter under the table.

  • The students are sitting under the tree.

  • We sat under the tree and had a picnic.

  • She stores all her boxes under the bed.

  • I'm sure she was driving under the speed limit.

  • He has three children under age ten.

  • Under this boss we have little freedom to express our own ideas.

  • You have a lot more benefits under the new insurance policy.

  • The children are under supervision at all times.

  • They were arrested under orders of the chief.

  • Those two thugs are under investigation by the police.

  • That problem is still under discussion by the board.

  • You can find my name under ''Y" in the telephone book.

  • I looked up butterflies under "Insects" in my encyclopaedia.

  • They are under the influence of their new friends.

  • The cat is under the chair.

  • This boat is going to go under the bridge.

  • A subway is a train that travels under the ground.

  • He is selling fruits under the protection of colourful umbrellas.

  • These greens hills look stunning under a clear blue sky.

  • This bridge is under construction.

  • I'm under the care of a very good doctor.

  • He doesn't like to work under the man who's his boss.

  • We're under a tornado warning.

  • He goes under the sea to look for interesting things.

    Grammar Index : 2

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