Preposition WITHOUT

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We have presented few sentences with Preposition

Examples :

  • Kausika likes bread without curry.

  • He lives without his parents.

  • We can not travel fast without a car.

  • We can not live without air.

  • This baby giraffe doesn't want to go anywhere without its mother.

  • He's riding his bike without a helmet.

  • The artist drew it without adding any colour.

  • Without her seeing-eye dog, she wouldn't be able to go anywhere safely.

  • It's impossible to ski downhill without snow.

  • He eats his food without using a fork.

  • Marion like her tea with sugar, but Helen likes it without sugar.

  • I can't live without you.

  • Please don't leave without me.

  • That young mother manages without any help.

  • We are without money this month.

  • She passed the test without studying.

  • He left without saying good-bye.

  • She is without a doubt the best chairman we have ever had.

  • We did the crossword puzzle without a dictionary.

  • She can't read without her glasses.

  • Be here at six A.M. without fail.

  • I will finish within three days without fail.

  • You will be paid well for your work. That goes without saying.

  • He took charge without ceremony and began to work.

  • Please be here without fail.
    Grammar Index : 2
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