Simple Sentences used
in Private Office

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Simple Sentences used in Private Office :

  1. What is your name?

  2. Are you Lalitha?

  3. I am Malini.

  4. Did you join yesterday?

  5. I have been working here for five years.

  6. What is the product here?

  7. They have published school books.

  8. Totally how many staff are here?

  9. 20 office staff and 100 Marketing Representatives are working here.

  10. Is this our own building?

  11. How long does the company exist?

  12. It's been 50 years old.

  13. Then it is too old.

  14. How much is the salary?

  15. Rs. 5000/-

  16. Not bad.

  17. Starting salary was only Rs. 3000/-.

  18. The phone is ringing. Attend it.

  19. It is time for MD's arrival.

  20. Manager is very cruel.

  21. Where is the factory?

  22. Now which book is being prepared?

  23. What's the secret of company sales?

  24. More pages. Cheap price.

  25. Does it have quality?

  26. Certainly.

  27. How do you come daily?

  28. I come by scooty pep.

  29. Then I can cut short my bus fare.

  30. I will come with you.
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