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Pronoun :

A pronoun is word which is used in the place of a noun.

Examples :
1. They are good singers.

2. We are happy.

3. I heard a loud noise.

4. He is running fast.

5. You can do this work.

Pronouns have masculine and feminine gender, singular and plural forms and have nominative, possessive and objective cases.

They have three persons.
1. First Person

2. Second Person

3. Third Person

Pronouns have two forms.
1. Singular Pronouns

2. Plural Pronouns

Pronouns have three cases.
1. Nominative Cases

2. Possessive Cases

3. Objective Cases
Kinds of Pronoun :

Pronouns are of the following kinds. There are seven kinds of pronouns.
1. Personal Pronoun

2. Reflexive Pronoun

3. Emphatic Pronoun

4. Demonstrative Pronoun

5. Relative Pronoun

6. Interrogative Pronoun

7. Indefinite Pronoun

8. Distributive Pronoun
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