A List of Proverbs

This is A List of Proverbs beginning with
G. Use a proverb from This List wisely in your writings and speech and make yourself brief.

Genius is a capacity for taking trouble.

Give a dog a bad name and hang him.

Give a fool rope enough and he will hang himself.

Give and spend and God will send.

Give everyone his due.

Give him an inch and he’ll take and tell.

Give the devil his due.

God helps those who help themselves.

God never shuts one door but he opens another.

Good beginning makes good endings.

Good to begin well, better to end well.

Good wine needs no bush.

Grasp all, lose all.

Gratitude is the least of virtues, ingratitude the worst of vices.

Great haste makes great waste.

Great minds think alike.

Great profits, great risk.

Great talkers are little doers.

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