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Punctuation Marks :

Rewrite the following sentences with the proper punctuation marks.

  1. If he did he would be a hero was he desperate or frightened

    If he did, he would be a hero. Was he desperate or frightened?

  2. anyone who gets him sachin out will take this coin if no one gets him out sachin is going to take it.

    “Anyone who gets him (Sachin) out will take this coin. If no one gets him out, Sachin is going to take it".

  3. all said and done all play and no work makes jill a more toy

    All said and done, ‘all play and no work makes Jill a more toy’.

  4. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  5. once I played 54 matches in a row my friends had music and films and I had cricket

    Once I played 54 matches in a row. My friends had music and films and I had cricket.

  6. convict hoarsely see here my name is jean valjean

    Convict : (hoarsely) See here. My name is Jean Valjean.

  7. bishop friend sit down and warm yourself

    Bishop : Friend... sit down and warm yourself.

  8. convict my god yes that’s a long time ago

    Convict : My God, yes. That’s long time ago.

  9. all I was told was get out I want food Im starving Give me food quickly

    All I was told was , “Get out!" I want food. I’m starving. Give me food quickly.

  10. I was a man once im a beast now and they made me what I am now im free to starve

    I was a man once. I’m a beast now, and they made me what I am. Now, I’m free to starve.

  11. who was this man a poor man evidently it belonged to him

    Who was this man? A poor man evidently. It belonged to him.

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