Synonyms & Antonyms : Quantity


( Noun )

I prefer quality to









Contextual Examples:

The government is introducing new
measures against tax fraud.

Government has to spend large
amount on armaments.

The old man left
bulk of his estate to his wife.

number of students appearing in the Indian Civil Services may exceed our estimate this year.

What is the
volume of water in the tank?

aggregate to his marks in all the papers exceeds five hundred.

He was astonished to know the
sum total of the value of his estate.






Contextual Examples:

There is no
shortage of food grains in India now. Thanks to better seeds, better irrigation facilities and tractors!

You can remove the
deficiency of blood in your body by better diet and some regular exercise.

Insufficiency of electric supply stands in the way of quicker industrialization in India.

This year’s budget is again a
deficit budget, the deficit to be made up by larger borrowing and public deposits.

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