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Question Formation :

What, When, Who, Where, Why, How : These words are used to frame questions.

Examples :
  1. India got its freedom on15th August 1949. (When did India get its freedom?)

  2. London is the capital of the U.K. (Which is the capital of the U.K?)

  3. Desalination is a process of changing sea- water in the drinking water. (What is Desalination?)

  4. Anil Kumble has got his 400th wicket recently. (Who has got 400th wicket recently?)

  5. My father works in the H.V.F. factory, Avadi. (Where does your father work?)

  6. He is a business man.( What is he?)

  7. He is the son of the clerk.( Who is the son of the clerk?)

  8. I am eleven. (How old are you?)

  9. I work in a cycle factory. (Where do you work?)

  10. Yesterday was Sunday. (What was yesterday?)

  11. I live at Mambalam. (Where do you live?)

  12. I am the Principal. (What are you?)

  13. My house is near the bus-station. (Where is your house?)

  14. It’s 8 O’clock. (What is the time now?)

  15. I am calling Mr. Francis. (Whom are you calling?)

  16. I am having my book. (Whose book are you having?)

  17. It is a book. (What is it?)

  18. My native place is Chennai. (Which is your native?)

  19. I am going to the market(Where are you going?)

  20. I get up at 6 O’clock. (When do you get up?)

  21. I am late because I missed the bus.( Why are you late?)

  22. I am fine. (How are You?))

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