Question Formation of Simple Present Tense

Question Formation of Simple Present Tense :

I read a novel. - (Active Voice)
Who reads a novel? - (Question Form)
What do you read? - (Question Form)

I manufacture Tyre. - (Active Voice)
Who manufactures tyre? - (Question Form)
What do you manufacture? - (Question Form)

We make cakes. - (Active Voice)
Who makes cakes? - (Question Form)
What do you make? - (Question Form)

We eat apples. - (Active Voice)
Who eats apples? - (Question Form)
What do you eat? - (Question Form)

You listen to music. - (Active Voice)
Who listens to music? - (Question Form)
What do you listen to? - (Question Form)

You cook Pizza. - (Active Voice)
Who cooks pizza? - (Question Form)
What do you cook? - (Question Form)

She sings s song. - (Active Voice)
Who sings a song? - (Question Form)
What do you sing? - (Question Form)

She writes a letter. - (Active Voice)
Who writes a letter? - (Question Form)
What do you write? - (Question Form)

They prepare dinner. - (Active Voice)
Who prepares dinner? - (Question Form)
What do you prepare? - (Question Form)

They drive a car. - (Active Voice)
Who drive a car? - (Question Form)
Who do you drive? - (Question Form)

He buys oranges. - (Active Voice)
Who buys oranges? - (Question Form)
What do you buy? - (Question Form)

He types an essay. - (Active Voice)
Who types an essay? - (Question Form)
What do you type? - (Question Form)

It creates problems for us. - (Active Voice)
Who creates problems for us? - (Question Form)
What does it create for us? - (Question Form)

It walks the distance. - (Active Voice)
Who walks the distance? - (Question Form)
What does it walk? - (Question Form)

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