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Question Tag :

Question tag is a small question added to a statement at the end. It is generally used when we want the listener to confirm what we have said.

Examples :
  1. I am a teacher. Aren’t I?

  2. I am not a teacher. Am I?

Note :

Negative tag expects the answer YES.

Positive tag expects the answer NO.

Only auxiliaries are used in question tags.

Example :

  1. You didn’t sleep well. Did you?

  2. We shall not see him again. Shall we?

  3. He doesn’t like reading. Does he?

  4. You are coming tomorrow. Aren’t you?

do not=don’t

does not= doesn’t

did not = didn’t

am nor = am’t

is not = isn’t

are not = aren’t

was not = wasn’t

were not = weren’t

will not = Won’t

shall not = shalln’t

can not = can’t

may not = mayn’t

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