Raman Provides Justice : A Raman Story

Raman Provides Justice

Let us enjoy reading this Raman Story of Raman Provides Justice.

Two men stood before Maryada Raman, the law-giver. One was a farmer and the other was a village elder.

The farmer said he had given the other man a diamond for safe-keeping and that he was now refusing to give it back.

"Well, is that true?" Maryada Raman asked the old man.

The man paused a while, deep in thought. Then, he handed his walking stick to his accuser. After another pause, he raised his eyes up to the heavens and said, "As God is my witness, I swear, I have given the diamond back to this man."

He then was at the point of taking back his stick, but Maryada Raman said, "Stop! The stick shall be awarded to the farmer."

"Take it away," he said to the farmer, "and break it when you are safely home."

The man was a little disappointed. To be awarded a stick in place of his diamond!

But he followed Raman's instructions. When he reached home he broke the stick - and out tumbled the diamond!

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