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Reading Comprehension :

Read the following passages and answer the questions given below by choosing the best option.

Man is not given that God-like unselfishness that thinks only of others good. But in working for themselves they are working for us all. We are so bound together that no man can labour for himself alone. Each blow he strikes in his own behalf helps to mould the universe. The stream, in struggling onward, turns the mill-wheel. The coral insect, fashioning its tiny cells, joins continents to one another. And the ambitious man, building a pedestal for himself, leaves a monument to posterity. Alexander and Caesar fought for their own ends, but in doing so, they built a belt of civilization half round the world. Stephenson, to win a fortune, invented the steam engine. And Shakespeare wrote his plays in order to keep a comfortable home for Mrs. Shakespeare and the little Shakespeare.

Contented and unambitious people are all very well in their way. They form a neat, useful background for great portraits to be painted against and they make a respectable, if not particularly intelligent audience for the active spirits of the age to play before. I have not a word to say against contented people so long as they keep quiet. But do not, for goodness, sake, let them go strutting they are the dead heads the drones in the great hives, the street crowds that lounge about, gaping at those who are working. And let them not imagine either as they are also fond of doing that they are very wise and philosophical and that it is a very artful thing to be contented. It may be true that a contented mind is happy anywhere, but so is a Jerusalem pony, and consequence is that both are put anywhere and are treated anyhow.

  1. Man works…………..

    (a) for all the people

    (b) for himself

    (c) for himself as well as others (answer)

    (d) for none

  2. Alexander and Caesar………..

    (a) fought with each other

    (b) fought always

    (c) were fond of fighting

    (d) built a common civilization (answer)

  3. Shakespeare wrote his plays……

    (a) to earn a comfortable livelihood (answer)

    (b) to act in them

    (c) to support his sons

    (d) in right

  4. Unambitious people are……………

    (a) very good (answer)

    (b) painted in portraits

    (c) respectable

    (d) the background for ambitious people

  5. It is true that…………..

    (a) a contented mind is happy.

    (b) a contented mind is not happy

    (c) a Jerusalem pony is happy

    (d) a man with contented mind is happy but he is also treated any how. (answer)

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