Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension means understanding what the author of the passage says in the passage.

Here is a paragraph which you should read to improve your comprehension power.

Read the following passage and answer in your own words the questions given below.

Electrocardiogram - ECG is further developed and contained in the size of a box of matches - or the pocket version of heart monitor storing the graph of ups and downs on electronic memory, with this monitor storing the graph of ups and downs in electronic memory. With this monitor in his pocket a patient can leave his bed rest and stroll along the verandah slowly - With the help of a walker, if necessary. ''Trunng trunng trnnng" the alarm bell from the patient's gown sounded on the loud speaker to every comer of the RIGA MEDICAL INSTITUTE.

The chief nurse on duty rushed to the source of the ringing sound, slowly helped the 39 years old gentleman to the wheel chair, laid him on bed. Before her, the doctor on duty was getting ready to put the patient on oxygen and do the necessary medical aid. Even the first abnormal beat was detected by the PHM, warning bell sounded, nurse and doctor started treatment and the abnormality corrected at the earliest.

1. Who was the patient? Was he on bed at the time?

39 years old gentleman was the patient. He was not on bed at the time.

2. Expand ECG.


3. How did the PHM help the patient?

PHM helped the patient to all the doctor.

4. What was the part played by the doctor?

The doctor gave him oxygen.

5. What happened to the patient ultimately?

The patient became normal ultimately.

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