Redundant Usage

Redundant Usage :

Phrases like 'return back', 'fully empty', 'repeat again', 'revert back' 'sad demise' 'completely full' too, though commonly in use, often to afford emphasis, should scrupulouslybe avoided.

If one observes carefully most of the main words in these phrases are complete in themselves, i.e. 'return' means 'to give back', 'empty' means 'devoid of content', 'repeat' means 'to say something again', 'revert' means 'to get back', a 'demise' should most often than not result in sadness and something that is 'full' means it is 'filled to its capacity'

Commonly witnessed both in the use of spoken and written English, awareness of these mistakes can aid in exercising caution in these areas, which can in turn gradually reduce the frequency of their occurrence, till they are completely ironed out.

Redundant Usage