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Relative Clause :


Combine the following sentences using Relative Pronouns.

  1. My sister is in Mumbai. She is coming tomorrow.

    My sister who is in Mumbai is coming tomorrow.

  2. I bought a book. It is very costly.

    The book which I bought is very costly.

  3. Charles Babbage died in 1871.He was a missionary.

    Charles Babbage who died in 1871 was a missionary.

  4. John got the first rank. His father was a farmer.

    John whose father was a farmer got the first rank.

  5. The thief stole the watch. He was punished.

    The thief who stole the watch was punished.

  6. The elephant was sick. It died.

    The elephant which was sick died.

  7. The dog was hungry. It went in search of food.

    The dog which was hungry went in search of food.

  8. The flower is beautiful. It belongs to the Orchid variety.

    The flower which belongs to the orchid variety is beautiful

  9. The sailors were tired. They returned to the shore.

    The sailors who was tired returned to the shore.

  10. The children sing well. They can join the choir.

    The children who sing well, can join the choir.

  11. I stayed with my grandmother. Her cooking was the best in the world.

    I stayed with my grandmother whose cooking was the best in the world.

  12. The children are untidy. They do not take care of their things.

    The children who do not take care of their things are untidy.

  13. The man is Charles Babbage. He invented computer.

    He is Charles Babbage who invented Computer.

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