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Relative Clause :


Combine the following sentences using Relative Pronouns.

  1. The medium is television. It is very popular today.

    the medium which is very popular today is television.

  2. The girl is my cousin. She found the purse.

    The girl who found the purse is my cousin.

  3. The house was huge. We lived in home.

    The house where we lived in home was huge.

  4. The trees will be cut down. They do not yield good fruits.

    The trees which do not yield good fruits will be cut down.

  5. The boy is my classmate. His sister won the first prize.

    The boy whose sister won the first prize is my classmate.

  6. Karthik is in 9th std. He is a good cricketer.

    Karthik who is a good cricketer is in 9th std.

  7. The man is a terrorist. I saw him.

    The man whom I saw is a terrorist.

  8. Ooty is a hill-station. It is on the Western Ghats.

    Ooty which is on the Western Ghars is a hill – station.

  9. Every man is moulded by his mother. Her advice is the soul of his life.

    Everyman is moulded by his mother whose advice is the soul of his life.

  10. My son is coming next month. He is in America.

    My son, who is in America, is coming next month.

  11. Trichy is a temple city. We can see Rock Fort there.

    Trichy is a temple city where we can see Rock Fort.

  12. Agra is beautiful city. You can see the Tajmahal there.

    Agra is a beautiful city where you can see the Taj Mahal.

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