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Relative Clause :

Combine the following sentences using Relative Pronouns.

  1. I stayed with my grand mother. Her cooking was the best in the world.

  2. The children broke the window. They were punished.

  3. Mala is a great dancer. She knows Kathak.

  4. Shajahan was a great Mughal emperor. He built the Taj is memory of his wife.

  5. Kavitha is a nurse. Her brother takes her to the hospital everyday.

  6. My father is a clerk. He works in a private company.

  7. Delhi is the capital of India. We can see the Parliament House there.

  8. Malleswari is a brilliant weight lifter. Malleswari represented India in the Olympic Games.

  9. That boy is Lazar. He broke one of the school windows.

  10. The Marina Beach is in Chennai. It is one of the longest beaches in the world.

  11. A museum is a place. We can see a collection of ancient things there.

  12. Every school has a laboratory. Pupils do experiments there.


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