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Department of Political Studies,
New York State Universit,
New York.

17th Oct. 2004.

Dear Anthony,

I have already got my bearings in the New York State University Department of Political Studies. My guide is grant olds man of 70, Prof. Albuquerque. He has made me comfortable in a modest room of hostel. All the conveniences and appliances of modern civilization are around me now.

It is not difficult for me to relate to the American people after the brief you gave me. As you wrote, they are an experimental people welcoming initiatives and drive. I was surprised at the marked difference from way back home in India. At Jabalpur University everybody thought I was queer in trying to read into Clinton’s personality as a maverick. Here, my suggestion drew much laughter. Nobody was insulted by my remark. Obviously, they encourage free thought so long as it is not intentionally malicious.

Yours Sincerely

Signature of Kailash


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